2010-2011 Paul Rehak Memorial Traveling Fellowship, Greece

 Fellowship for Regular Candidate, Study Abroad, Research, Greece

Job Description: Applications are inviting for the Post of Regular Members and Student Associate members already attending the School for the entire 2010-2011 academic year.

Purpose: To allow individuals to travel in Greece to conduct a research project during the
2010-2011 academic year from September 1, 2010 to July 1, 2011. Preference is given to those who have not received funding for travel from their home institutions or other sources.

Terms: Grant of $1,000 or grants of lesser amounts. Any applicable School fees are to be paid out of the fellowship stipend by the recipient. Fellowship does not include costs for School trips, housing or board at the School. In addition, it is not meant to cover travel costs to and from Greece. A final report is due at the end of the award period, and the ASCSA expects that copies of all publications that result from research conducted as a Fellow of the ASCSA be contributed to the relevant library of the School.

Application: Submit ASCSA Student Associate application, curriculum vitae, project description (up to 2,000 words), and budget online on the ASCSA web site at http://www.ascsa.edu.gr/.

Web site: http://www.ascsa.edu.gr/


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