Governments Paying You to Live Abroad: 5 Lucrative Relocation Grants You Need to Know About Now

With increasing globalization, more governments than ever before are looking to attract international residents and workers. Besides bringing in new skills and tax dollars, population increases also fuel local economies and development. If you’ve ever dreamed of living abroad but weren’t sure how to make it financially feasible, look no further. Several nations are offering sizable relocation grants simply for migrating to certain areas within their borders. It’s an opportunity to not only experience a new culture but get paid to do so.

In this post, we’ll dive into the important details of 5 relocation grant programs that could pay you $10,000 or more. From the Mediterranean to South America, these destinations are actively recruiting remote workers, entrepreneurs and families through financial incentives. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how to qualify and take advantage of this life-changing opportunity to embrace a new home overseas.

Greece – Receive €18,000 to Settle in Antikythera

Nestled on a Greek island lies the picturesque town of Antikythera, seeking to bolster its population. Through the municipality, qualifying families can obtain free land to build a house on along with a monthly stipend of €500 for 3 years. That equates to €18,000 just for relocating!

To qualify, families must have at least one child under 18 years old and commit to residing in Antikythera long-term. Payments are coordinated through the local Orthodox church. Beyond the financial perks, Antikythera offers a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle with stunning beaches and natural attractions. The mild climate also makes it an affordable all-year living destination.

Tulsa Remote Program – $10,000 Salary to Live and Work Remotely in Oklahoma

As part of its economic development strategy, the city of Tulsa launched the Tulsa Remote program providing remote workers a $10,000 salary simply for relocating there. No prior local employment is needed – you can continue your existing remote job and get paid an additional $10,000/year stipend for the first year living in Tulsa.

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To qualify, candidates must work remotely for an employer outside of Oklahoma and relocate their primary residence to Tulsa within 6 months of acceptance. The program seeks to attract digital nomads, entrepreneurs and those in various skilled industries like tech, finance, and marketing. Accepted participants also gain access to networking events and career coaching to help integrate into the community.

Portugal Digital Nomad Grant – Live and Work From Lisbon for €3,000-€4,000

For digital nomads and remote workers, Portugal offers the attractive Digital Nomad Visa program. Approved applicants can live and work remotely in Portugal for 1 year, renewable twice. As part of the program, they provide a one-time relocation grant ranging from €3,000-€4,000 simply for relocating.

Beyond the cost of living stipend, Portugal’s quality of life and mild climate make it a top global destination. Remote professionals gain access to co-working spaces, networking events, and cultural experiences while soaking up the coastal views of Lisbon and Portugal’s natural beauty. The program aims to attract skilled professionals like web developers, designers, writers and more to reside long-term.

Chile Business Relocation Grants – Up to $10,000 for Entrepreneurs

Chile has three separate programs providing capital for innovative startups and growing businesses to relocate – the Start-Up Chile program, Scale-Up Chile Visa, and Innovation Visa Chile. Between the 3, entrepreneurs from all stages can obtain grants up to $10,000.

Start-Up Chile offers $40,000 in seed funding plus a $10,000 living stipend for international startups to launch in Chile over 6 months. Meanwhile, the Scale-Up Chile Visa gives $50,000 to fast-growing companies to expand regionally. Also, Innovation Visa Chile provides $5,000 to those with an innovative professional career to sustain in Chile. All seek to bolster Chile’s position as a hub for entrepreneurship and business in South America.

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West Virginia Relocation Grant – $12,000 for New Residents

West Virginia has a simple offer – they’ll pay you $12,000 to relocate there! Through the Ascend West Virginia program, approved new residents or remote workers receive $12,000 over 2 years living in West Virginia. No previous local employment is necessary.

The program targets young professionals and families to boost population in the state. Qualified candidates must commit to staying a minimum of 2 years. Beyond affordability, parts of West Virginia provide spectacular natural scenery, small town charm, and outdoor recreation. Moving expenses are also sometimes covered. It’s an alluring deal for those seeking an escape to nature or looking to start fresh.

Taking Action: How to Apply and Prepare

While these opportunities provide financial assistance, a bit of planning is still required to successfully relocate internationally. Do thorough research on costs of living, visa requirements, local culture and seasonal climate conditions to determine the best fit. Start networking with local communities through social media ahead of time to build connections.

Be sure to review eligibility criteria and deadlines closely for each program. Make sure your skills, background and career match their target demographic. Also evaluate if you meet the language proficiency or other documented prerequisites. Start compiling application materials like resumes, references, and business proposals well in advance of deadlines.

With global digitalization accelerating remote work adoption, expect to see more nations following this strategy to attract skilled international residents and workers through financial perks. Take initiative now to explore if one of these lucrative relocation grant programs could be your gateway to living overseas. It could open the door to new adventures in addition to providing a stable income source as you embace life abroad.

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