Guaranteed Job Offers in Europe’s Happiest Country – How Finland’s Talent Boost Program Will Pay Your Salary


Are you ready to get paid to move abroad? Finland is offering guaranteed jobs and salaries to qualified foreigners through its lucrative Talent Boost program. Apply now to secure one of thousands of open roles with sponsorships for living in the world’s happiest nation.

Finland is facing an urgent talent shortage and is eager to welcome international professionals to help fuel continued economic growth. Through its Talent Boost initiative, the northern European country is directly recruiting overseas workers and streamlining the relocation process to make hiring foreigners easier than ever.

With guaranteed job placements that cover housing, healthcare, and all living expenses, the program removes many of the typical barriers that discourage people from pursuing international opportunities. Financial stability and government support are provided from the start so you can fully focus on your career instead of worrying about Visa paperwork or adjusting to a new country. Read on to learn how you can take advantage of this unique chance to get paid to move abroad and start a new life in one of the world’s top countries for quality of living.

Finland’s Growing Need for Foreign Talent

Driven by technology sectors like 5G infrastructure and clean tech, Finland’s economy is booming. However, the labor market is reaching a crisis point as skilled workers become increasingly scarce. Projections show the nation will require at least 30,000 foreign professionals each year through 2030 to sustain growth.

A variety of factors including low birth rates, retirements, and an education system unable to produce enough graduates are exacerbating workforce shortages. Unless more workers can be sourced internationally, Finland risks losing out on major business opportunities and slipping from its position as one of the most innovative places to do business.

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In response, the government launched the Talent Boost initiative in 2019 to remove barriers hindering immigration. Specific goals include simplifying Visa processes, improving integration support for newcomers, and attracting global talent in priority sectors such as healthcare, IT, and advanced manufacturing. With an emphasis on recruiting English speakers, the program makes relocating seamlessly possible without needing to learn Finnish.

How the Program Works

Talent Boost operates through two main channels – education-based immigration for students and work-based immigration for professionals. The work track is further divided into direct recruitment of foreign specialists and assisting current immigrants in Finland with job placement.

Direct recruitment is handled primarily through the Work in Finland portal. This centralized hub lists thousands of open roles posted by Finnish companies specifically seeking international candidates. Job types range from engineering and software development to finance, sales, and scientific research.

Employers must sponsor candidates by managing visa applications and covering living costs. The government then expedites permits so new hires can start within 1-4 weeks of acceptance rather than the usual 6-12 months. Relocation packages even include matters like helping families enroll children in schools.

In addition, in-person recruitment fairs are periodically held abroad in fast-growing markets like India, Brazil, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Finnish companies attend these events to conduct interviews and make contingent job offers on the spot. Those selected go through a streamlined approval process to get working in Finland within 30 days.

Guaranteed Salaries and Benefits

One major selling point of Talent Boost is that salaries are sufficient to live comfortably on in Finland, one of the most expensive countries globally. The average offered wage is 4,000 euros per month before taxes, though starting pay can range from 3,000-5,000 euros depending on field and experience level.

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This amount provides a higher standard of living than similar positions in other places due to Finland’s social welfare policies. For example, the government subsidizes healthcare so citizens pay nothing out of pocket for doctor visits and prescriptions. Educational costs are also nearly free from preschool up to a master’s degree.

On top of salary, employer-provided benefits are generous and include:

  •  Company housing allowances that cover 70-100% of rental costs in major cities like Helsinki. Properties are fully furnished.
  •  Annual paid vacations of at least 5 weeks plus sick leave as needed.
  •  Private health and dental insurance plans at low group rates.
  •  Retirement fund contributions of 6-10% of salary matched by employers.
  • Optional family allowances up to 300 euros/month for each child.

With these perks, salaries go much further in Finland than comparable paychecks elsewhere. Relocating through Talent Boost removes the financial uncertainty around immigrating by guaranteeing stable income and benefits from day one.

Streamlined Visas and Integration Support

Beyond attractive compensation, the program aims to eliminate hassles surrounding international moves. Work permit processing times have been reduced to an unprecedented 1 week for pre-approved Talent Boost candidates.

Residence permits allowing permanent relocation are granted within 30 days of arriving. Spouses and children can also secure permits quickly to avoid lengthy family reunification waits.

Once in Finland, various services help new hires adjust smoothly, from assisting with practical paperwork to introducing cultural norms. Local welcome coordinators are on call to answer questions, provide orientation resources, and introduce transplant networks for social support.

Language barriers are addressed through subsidized Finnish and Swedish language classes no matter experience level. Classes are delivered flexibly at multiple proficiency stages so daily life skills can be picked up from the start while more advanced courses are optionally pursued.

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Apply Now to Secure Your New Life in Finland

With quality job opportunities, financial security, and a host of immigrant perks, Finland is opening its doors through Talent Boost like never before. Don’t miss this chance to get paid to relocate abroad – the application process is simple and approval can be surprisingly fast.

Browse open positions at matching your skills and experience. Directly contact listed employers or register interest in future application rounds hosted abroad. Submit your CV, cover letter, and credentials for pre-screening.

If initially deemed eligible, you’ll progress to interviews where supportive hiring managers can assist with the process. Conditional job offers will be extended to top candidates, starting the Visa approval that enables relocating within 30 days.

By taking action now, you can upgrade your career and lifestyle by moving to consistently ranked the happiest country in Europe. Stable income, great benefits, and an easy transition make Finland hard to pass up. Start your new life abroad with financial security – apply today for guaranteed jobs through the Talent Boost program!


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