How to Secure a Fully-Funded Masters Degree in Europe with Zero Tuition Fees



International students dreaming of advanced education abroad often face steep tuition costs and living expenses that seem insurmountable. However, with some research and application savvy, you may discover pathways to studying at prestigious European universities completely free of financial burden.

The SBW Berlin International Scholarship is one such opportunity offering generous funding packages tailored for talented global learners seeking leadership development. As awareness of this esteemed program spreads, competition for limited spots will only intensify. Don’t get left behind – learn how to strengthen your application and get selected and funded now.

This comprehensive guide provides an in-depth review of the SBW Scholarship’s benefits and eligibility requirements. We’ll explore the social commitment projects scholarship recipients undertake and how these experiences build invaluable skills. A detailed breakdown of the application process helps demystify each step. Frequently asked questions are addressed to ease your concerns.

By the end, you’ll feel confident about whether this program is the right fit and how to strategize your materials for the best chance of acceptance. Those who act quickly and apply sound advice stand to gain a life-changing fully-funded international education. What are you waiting for? Get started securing your debt-free European masters degree!

SBW Berlin International Scholarship Overview

The SBW Berlin International Scholarship was established to support talented global learners in developing leadership abilities through advanced studies combined with social work. Administered through the Berlin-based SBW Foundation, this prestigious program offers generous funding packages for graduate study at top Berlin or Potsdam universities.

Scholarship awards cover tuition, accommodation, a monthly living stipend, and certain travel costs – relieving financial burden and enabling students to fully immerse in academic and social projects. In exchange, recipients devote time assisting nonprofit organizations in their home countries, cultivating skills applicable to future careers improving lives internationally.

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Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the SBW Scholarship, applicants must meet the following key criteria:

  • Ages 18-30
  • Non-German citizens from developing nations
  •  University entrance qualifications (high school diploma equivalent)
  •  Experience volunteering or working in the nonprofit/social sector
  •  Intention to work abroad or in Germany post-graduation
  •  Average grade of 2.0 or higher on German GPA scale
  •  No prior residence in Germany exceeding 18 months
  •  Financial need based on household income standards

The program seeks candidates already active in charitable causes who will leverage funded education to scale social impact. While open annually, competition for a limited number of awards remains intense. Thorough preparation is essential to standing out amongst top-caliber international applicants.

Application Process

Rather than a single deadline, the SBW Scholarship accepts applications on a rolling basis year-round. However, several important preliminary steps must be completed:

1. Obtain a letter of recommendation from your nonprofit organization detailing social work experience and commitment.

2. Email this letter to the SBW Foundation to formally initiate your application.

3. If deemed an outstanding prospect, you’ll receive access to the online application portal.

4. Through the portal, submit application form along with required documents such as:

  •  Detailed project proposal and description
  •  Academic transcripts and certificates
  •  Income documentation
  •  University admission application

The Foundation emphasizes social projects serving your home country. Your proposal must clearly outline this international focus and role as a future leader. Thoroughly research potential universities and degree programs to specify in your application as well.

A Deeper Dive: Social Commitment Projects

One of the most attractive aspects of the SBW Scholarship involves hands-on social commitment projects undertaken during the funded academic term. Recipients work directly with charitable organizations, usually based in their homeland, applying growing skillsets.

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Past fellows have assisted with initiatives like:

  • Public health programs in underserved communities
  •  Environmental sustainability campaigns
  •  Women’s empowerment and advocacy groups
  •  Children’s education and welfare nonprofits
  •  Anti-poverty and entrepreneurship projects

SBW aids establishing these international partnerships to further each student’s professional and social missions. Immersive experiences provide unparalleled cultural understanding as well as resume-building accomplishments to fuel future careers and leadership positions.

Frequently Asked Questions

To ease the application process, review this scholarship’s frequently asked questions addressing common concerns:

Q: What are the tuition and living costs covered exactly?

A: Tuition fees, furnished accommodation, €850/month living allowance, certain travel expenses.

Q: Can I apply if already studying in Germany?

A: Yes, as long as total German residency is under 18 months.

Q: When are deadlines for submitting applications?

A: No formal deadlines – the SBW Scholarship accepts applications year-round on a rolling basis.

Q: What academic programs/levels are eligible?

A: Master’s and professional/vocational degree programs at Berlin or Potsdam universities.

Q: How long is the funding term?

A: Scholarship awards last the standard duration of the chosen degree program, usually 1-2 years.

Q: Do I need German language skills?

A: While not required, proficiency is an asset. Most degree programs offer some courses in English.


If you’re a passionate international student desiring a debt-free European education while also making a lasting social impact, the SBW Berlin Scholarship could open unique doors. Success means standing out amongst top-caliber global applicants—use the insights and advice shared here to polish your competitive edge.

Take the next step by investigating program fit, partner nonprofit organizations, and target universities. Request recommendation letters now to kickstart your application. With focused preparation, your dreams of an internationally-funded masters could become reality. Don’t delay – secure your spot in the next intake today!

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