How to Win a Full Tuition Scholarship to Study Abroad

A college degree opens doors to exciting new opportunities and career paths. However, the high costs of higher education abroad can seem insurmountable. What if I told you there is a full-ride scholarship program that covers your entire tuition at a top-rated American university? Co-College is offering international students an incredible chance to “Seize Your Dreams” through their prestigious Global Leadership Scholarship. In this post, I will break down everything you need to know to maximize your chances of winning this life-changing award.

Co-College is a mid-sized private university located in Iowa offering over 50 undergraduate majors across various fields including business, sciences, arts and social sciences. Ranked within the top 50 Regional Universities in the Midwest by US News, it provides a highly rated academic experience at an affordable price. The Global Leadership Scholarship takes this a step further by removing the financial barrier completely for a lucky group of international applicants each year.

My goal is to empower motivated individuals with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to advance their skills and realize their potential on a prestigious US campus.


To be considered for the scholarship, there are several baseline requirements applicants must meet:

– Be a first-time freshman intending to pursue their first bachelor’s degree. This award does not apply to transfer or graduate students.

– Demonstrate strong academic achievement with a minimum high school GPA of 3.0 or equivalent. Submission of transcripts and exam results is compulsory.

– Submit official SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo English Test scores. However, Co-College also has a test-optional policy for those with an academic track record above a 3.0 GPA.

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– Prove adequate financial means to fund living expenses through submission of financial documents like bank statements from sponsor. The scholarship only covers tuition costs.

– Be legally authorized to pursue full-time studies in the United States. Appropriate student visa will be required upon admission.

– Commit to living on-campus for the entire duration of undergraduate studies. This fosters immersion in campus life.

Those meeting these basic criteria are then invited to submit a formal scholarship application showcasing their merits, qualifications and promise as future leaders. Personal statements, resumes, letters of recommendation and portfolio work further their candidacy.


Applying for the Global Leadership Scholarship at Co-College follows a two-phase process:

Phase 1: Admission Application

Candidates must complete the standard international admission application through the Common App or school’s online portal by early deadlines. This includes:

– Filling out biographical and background information

– Uploading all academic transcripts and exam scores

– Providing proof of English proficiency

– Submitting an optional essay and recommendation letters

Phase 2: Scholarship Application

Once admission materials are received, eligible applicants can fill out the separate scholarship form including:

– Detailed resume highlighting extracurricular activities and achievements

– Response to an original essay prompt related to leadership goals

– Any supplemental application requirements like an interview

It is crucial both portions are accurately completed and delivered prior to the strict February 1st deadline. Adhering to timelines increases the chances of review by the selection committee.


With thousands of deserving candidates competing for a limited number of Global Leadership Scholarship slots, standing out from the pool is paramount. Co-College evaluates contenders based on:

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– Academic merit as evidenced by transcripts, exam scores and reference letters

– Demonstrated leadership abilities through resume, essays and personal statement

– Unique accomplishments, interests and how the applicant may contribute to campus diversity

– Clear objectives for higher education aligned with intended major and career aspirations

– Cultural awareness, strong work ethic and potential to thrive independently in the US

It is therefore essential applicants optimize all components of their profile to present well-rounded achievements in curricular, extracurricular and personal domains. Spending adequate time proofreading for errors and enlisting evaluation from advisors can enhance the presentation.

Once submitted, the selection committee will shortlist the top candidates for an interview – either online or in-person if travel is possible. Here, applicants get to elaborate on their written credentials through conversation and impress with confidence, vision and ability to succeed at Co-College specifically.


While the Global Leadership Scholarship fully covers annual tuition valued at around $50,000, Co-College supplements it with various add-ons to maximize student support:

– Annual living stipend of $11,000 on top of tuition sponsorship.

– On-campus work opportunities through the Co-College Work Study program for earnings up to $7,000/year.

– Merit-based awards for strong academic history worth $36,000/year additionally.

– Need-based financial aid and small grants totaling several thousands for those with demonstrated need.

– Arts scholarships of $4,000/year through auditions for talents in music, art, theater and film.

– $1,000 international student award upon enrollment through the Study Iowa consortium.

This well-rounded package removes financial barriers at every step of an undergraduate education. It allows recipients to concentrate solely on academic excellence and personal growth.

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For international students willing to seize this rare full-ride offer, Co-College presents an accredited option in the culturally vibrant state of Iowa. Ranked amongst the safest campuses nationwide, it combines top-tier academics with:

– Modern residential facilities, recreational amenities and student centers

– Over 150 student clubs covering diverse interests from culture to sustainability

– D1 athletics and arts scene with competitive teams, theatrical productions

– Career services and alumni network assisting with post-graduation placements

– Study abroad programs to over 15 countries expand global exposure

Above all, the intimate size and student-faculty ratio under 15:1 ensure personalized attention critical for international students adjusting to US education. Co-College undoubtedly provides an impactful four-year experience.

In summary, through diligent research this step-by-step guide shares how motivated frontrunners from overseas can clinch a life-altering full-tuition scholarship to the esteemed Co-College. With the right preparation and presentation of strengths, the Global Leadership Award opens doors to an unparalleled educational journey in the Midwestern United States. I wish all applicants the very best in “Seizing their Dreams” through this outstanding opportunity.


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