Revealed Earn $600 in 3hours with chat gpt and Google maps

Have you ever wished you had a side business that allowed you to make extra money from home in your spare time? Something simple that didn’t require a lot of startup costs or technical skills? Well, I’m about to share with you an unconventional tech side hustle that allowed me to make $600 in just 3 hours using only my phone and some basic software.

When I first came across the idea, I was skeptical that it could really be that easy. But after doing some research and giving it a try myself, I was shocked at how quickly the money started rolling in. And the best part is, with just a little time investment upfront to learn the system, this side hustle allows you to generate passive income simply by helping small businesses improve their online visibility.

In this article, I’m going to break down the entire process step-by-step so you can get started earning extra cash today. I’ll show you how to use free tools like Google Maps and ChatGPT to find and contact local businesses, craft a persuasive sales pitch, and seal the deal to optimize profiles and start generating business for them. By the end, you’ll understand why this tech side business is such a unique and untapped opportunity. So let’s get started!

 Find Target Businesses with Google Maps

The first step is to open up Google Maps on your phone or computer. Then, search for a small town or city near you. I found that focusing on areas with populations under 50,000 provides fewer competitors and more opportunities.

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Once you’ve selected a location, start searching different business categories like ” plumbers”, “electricians”, or “landscaping” to view local listings. Your goal is to compile a list of companies that could benefit from improved online marketing. Some signs they may need help include:

– Incomplete or empty Google Business profiles

– Lack of reviews (under 10)

– Low star ratings

– No website or posted hours

– Missing photos or other important information

Make notes of any listings that appear “unclaimed” or lacking key details. These indicate the business isn’t optimizing their free Google listing and are ideal targets to approach. Aim to find 10-15 potential clients in your first pass through Maps.

 Craft a Winning Sales Pitch with ChatGPT

Now it’s time to script out your sales approach. For this, I leveraged the power of ChatGPT to help brainstorm and refine my message.

I provided some context on the type of businesses I had found and asked ChatGPT to draft an initial pitch I could use when contacting them. The AI assistant generated a very “salesy” template that was too pushy, so I asked it to try again with a warmer, more empathetic tone.

The revised pitch focused on connecting through shared experiences as small business owners. It highlighted the value these companies could realize through better online visibility without coming across as salesy. I also included a customized sign off mentioning the business name to personalize each outreach.

With ChatGPT’s help crafting the perfect approach, I was ready to start reaching out to my targeted clients. But how would I actually get them on the phone?

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Reach Out with Phone Calls & Emails

Once you’ve compiled your target list and scripted your sales pitch, it’s time to start scheduling appointments. The quickest way is calling directly, but email is also effective if contact info is limited.

When phoning businesses, be prepared for voicemails by leaving a brief, compelling message with your introduction and value proposition. State that you found opportunities to boost their online presence through Google and would like to discuss further. Always provide your name and number for a callback.

For email outreach, try sending personalized messages during off-peak hours on weekday afternoons/evenings or weekends. Reference your discovery of their business from Google Maps and that you have strategies to help them connect with more customers in your community. Include a call to action to schedule a brief exploratory call.

Keep notes on your interactions and be prepared to follow up with anyone not immediately responsive. Persistence will be key to landing your first paying clients. If after a few attempts leads have gone cold, move on and keep networking your target list. Success will come through numbers in the early going.

 Close Deals & Get Paid Through Online Platforms

Once you’ve secured some initial interest, it’s time to close sales and get compensated for your work. Here are some tips:

– Use a call or video meeting to present optimization ideas and quote a package price (aim for $300-500 per client)

– Highlight the potential ROI they’ll realize through increased visibility, leads and business

– Offer different service levels they can upgrade to for greater support

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– Direct customers to your profile on a platform like Fiverr or Upwork to complete payment securely

Starting at a lower $300 intro rate allows you to prove your value while staying competitive. Aim for just 2-3 sales per day to reach that $600 goal in the promised 3 hours!

As you establish a track record, you can gradually increase prices for your services. Having a professional online payment system also lends credibility as a growing business.

 Optimize Profiles and Scale Your Business

Once payment is received, it’s time to deliver top-notch service and get glowing testimonials! Use your newfound Google expertise to:

– Claim and complete neglected Business Profiles

– Add compelling photos, descriptions and services

– Populate key information like hours, address and website

– Respond to all reviews and integrate social media

Paying clients will appreciate the boost in visibility and new customer inquiries that result. Be sure and follow up regularly to check on their progress and address any other needs.

The sky is the limit once your side hustle takes off. Consider expanding your offerings, targeting other locations or even transitioning into this work full time. ChatGPT can continue helping brainstorm new marketing strategies to keep your pipeline full.

With the right combination of free and low-cost online tools, anyone can launch a profitable side business reaching local businesses through search. I hope sharing my method inspires you to get started with this unique tech-enabled side hustle today! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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