Scholarship at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Thousands of ambitious students each year seek out top-rated universities where they can further their education and career goals. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia should be at the very top of every motivated applicant’s list. As one of the world’s leading research universities, KAUST offers a life-changing educational experience along with generous funding opportunities that are hard to beat. This article will explore the unparalleled graduate programs and all-expenses-paid scholarships available at KAUST to help passionate learners thrive in their chosen fields of study.

A Globally Renowned Institution

Located along the coast of the Red Sea between Jeddah and Mecca, KAUST has rapidly established itself as a premier international university since opening its doors in 2009. With a diverse student body hailing from over 85 countries and a faculty composed of leading scientists and scholars from top Western universities, KAUST fosters a truly global learning environment. The state-of-the-art campus facilities rival those of any university worldwide, with cutting-edge laboratories, top-ranked research centers, and pioneering projects underway in fields like biotechnology, materials science, and renewable energy.

KAUST is especially renowned for its excellence and high research output in computer science, engineering, physical sciences, and mathematics. Ranked as one of the top 50 universities globally in citations per faculty member, KAUST promotes innovative, impactful research through collaborations with industrial partners and other top international institutions. Being part of the vibrant KAUST community presents exceptional opportunities to develop professional networks and gain experience that will open doors throughout your career. Its reputation for academic rigor and resources continues to attract highly gifted students and researchers from every continent.

Comprehensive Graduate Degree Programs

The heart of KAUST’s mission is to educate the next generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators through premier graduate degree programs. Students can choose from a vast array of master’s and PhD courses across six academic divisions:

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– Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering

– Earth Science and Engineering

– Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering

– Physical Sciences and Engineering

– Chemical and Life Sciences and Engineering

– Engineering

Within these core disciplines lie countless focused specializations like bioscience, marine science, materials engineering, applied mathematics, and more. KAUST trains leaders equipped to solve urgent global issues through advanced technical learning and hands-on industry collaboration.

All instruction is carried out entirely in English, ensuring global accessibility. Courses follow flexible semester calendars to best suit each program. Degree requirements typically involve advanced coursework, directed research credits, summer training opportunities, and the presentation of seminars and a thesis or dissertation. Graduates emerge well positioned for in-demand careers in both academia and private sector industries.

 Unmatched Scholarship Support

What truly sets KAUST apart is the unparalleled financial support it provides all accepted graduate students. Every admitted master’s and PhD candidate receives:

– 100% full tuition waiver for the entire duration of their degree program. Students never pay any tuition or academic fees.

– A competitive monthly living stipend ranging from $2,000 to $3,000 USD depending on degree level, ample for comfortable living in Saudi Arabia.

– Full medical insurance coverage for the student and their accompanying family.

– Relocation support for moving and settling into campus housing.

– Optional summer research fellowships for continuing work between academic terms.

This all-expenses-paid scholarship means KAUST students can fully dedicate themselves to their studies without the burden of educational debts or costs of attendance. For many highly gifted learners, this unbeatable package opens doors to a world-class education that would otherwise remain out of reach.

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 On-Campus Housing and Student Life Amenities

KAUST takes pride in offering a welcoming, well-rounded student experience beyond the classroom. Its beachside campus provides picturesque accommodation near first-rate recreational facilities. Graduate housing features modern apartments near laboratories and libraries, with options for single occupants or families. Cafeterias, shops, medical clinics, and childcare are all conveniently located.

Students enjoy access to spectacular beaches, expansive jogging trails, six swimming pools, multiple gyms and playing fields. A marina harbors boats and water sport equipment for sailing or scuba diving in the coral reef-filled sea. World-class performing arts and conference centers host prominent guests. Over 150 student clubs foster cross-cultural exchange and hobbies from robotics to community service. With 24-hour campus security, thriving communities, and abundant activities, KAUST envelopes learners in an inspiring environment optimized for personal and academic growth.

Global Networking and Industry Partnerships

Beyond its all-inclusive resources and distinguished faculty, KAUST cultivates powerful connections yielding endless professional opportunities for students. The university maintains close research ties and joint labs with internationally leading institutions like MIT, Caltech, and University College London. Graduates obtain coveted visiting positions at these top schools and others based on KAUST recommendations.

Robust industrial partnerships with giants like Saudi Aramco, SABIC, and Red Sea International offer practical training, internships, sponsored research, career fairs, and potential jobs upon graduation. As a hub for innovative technology, renewable energy, and advanced materials projects throughout the Middle East and beyond, KAUST provides a launch pad into thriving professional networks and industries that are shifting our world. Its graduates emerge well-equipped to make meaningful impacts wherever their careers may lead.

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 How to Apply

KAUST maintains a rolling admissions process where qualified candidates can apply at any time on a space-available basis. There is no single deadline to wait for. Interested learners simply need to complete the online application available at KAUST apply and submit required application materials.

Key requirements include:

– Bachelor’s degree transcript and certificate

– Curriculum vitae or resume

– Statement of purpose

– Official GRE scores (recommended)

– Three letters of recommendation

– Proof of English proficiency like TOEFL or IELTS scores

Complete applications are swiftly evaluated, with decisions typically rendered within 4-6 weeks. Admitted students receive 100% scholarship offers along with pre-arrival support as they prepare to embark on a life-changing education at one of the world’s premier research universities.


For ambitious, talented students seeking an education that unleashes their full potential, KAUST represents an unmissable opportunity. Its graduate programs produce globally-minded leaders advancing research at the frontiers of science. Combined with the most generous financial aid package available worldwide, KAUST removes all barriers to focused study, groundbreaking research, and vibrant international community immersion.

Passionate learners dedicated to using their gifts to better serve humanity would be hard pressed to find a program better suited to empowering their ambitions. Every qualifying applicant is encouraged to seize this once-in-a-lifetime chance to thrive among elite faculty and world-changing peers. The transformative, career-defining experience awaiting at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology is not one any dedicated student should pass up. Apply today and start your journey to becoming part of an unparalleled global scientific network. The future awaits!

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