The Secret Method to Easily Earn $75+ Daily by Just Watching Videos Online



Do you ever wish you could earn money without having to work long hours or exert too much effort? What if I told you there is a little-known method to earn $75 or more daily simply by watching online videos during your free time?

Curious to learn the secret? In this complete guide, I’ll reveal the exact strategy I used to go from zero to earning multiple hundreds of dollars per month with barely any work. But you’ll have to keep reading to the end to get all the tips and tricks. The good news is you can start implementing this today without any skills or experience required.

Finding Profitable Viral Videos

The first step is to identify videos online that are already generating a high volume of views and engagement. These types of “viral” videos have the most potential to earn income through our strategy.

There are a few good sources to search for these videos:

  • ¬†TikTok: Search popular hashtags related to viral categories like #fyp, #viral, #funnyvideos etc. Videos with millions of likes and shares have the highest chances of success.
  • YouTube: Check trending videos or videos with views in tens/hundreds of millions. Categories like fun life hacks, cute animal clips, pranks etc tend to perform well.
  • Reddit: Browse top posts of all time from large subreddits like r/funny, r/videos etc to find engagement winners.
  • You want to focus only on public videos that don’t require a login. Note down 10-20 video URLs for later use in monetization.

 Optimizing Videos for Passive Income

Now it’s time to take the viral videos you found and optimize them for monetization on multiple platforms using a simple process:

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1) Shorten the video URL using a free service like Bitly to track clicks later.

2) Create attractive thumbnail images for each video using online tools. Include relevant keywords, call-outs etc.

3) Write SEO optimized titles and descriptions for every video mentioning targeted keywords 3-5 times naturally.

4) Embed/re-upload videos on platforms like Pinterest along with optimized descriptions pointing back to your website.

5) Publish videos to additional sharing sites like Reddit, Imgur, Hubpages etc. Link back to your main site.

6) Add videos to niche blogs/websites by contacting owners if allowed to earn affiliate revenue.

7) Promote through social media by sharing links on relevant groups/pages/profiles.

This process of wide distribution and promotion is key to monetizing your traffic at scale through multiple approved monetization platforms.

 Earning Money from Your Optimized Content

Now that your optimized videos are out there spreading across the web, it’s time to start monetizing the traffic. Here are top revenue methods:

1) Link/pixel tracking: Use tracking links or pixels from platforms like to track your traffic and earn $$$ per view. They pay as high as $2-5 CPM.

2) Contextual ads: Add unobtrusive, relevant ads on your website using Google Adsense or Mediavine to earn from visitor clicks and views.

3) Affiliate marketing: Promote affiliate offers related to your niche throughout your content/website and earn commissions of 25-75% per sale.

4) Sponsored posts: Pitch branded content campaigns to sponsors looking for awareness in your niche. Price starts from $50-100/post usually.

5) Paid promos: Collaborate with influencers and media outlets to promote your content/offers in exchange for a fee.

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With some simple optimization, you could easily generate hundreds or even thousands of views per day and start monetizing quickly through this multi-pronged approach. With time and scale, profits of $75 or more daily are very realistic to achieve.


Interested in trying out this easy method? I’ve shared all the proven steps right here. Why not get started today by selecting your first viral video to optimize? You have nothing to lose and potentially $75+ daily extra income to gain.

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