The Top 5 Job Opportunities and Fast Tracks to New Zealand Immigration in 2024



Are you dreaming of migrating to one of the most developed countries in the world but unsure of your options? New Zealand offers skilled migrants from across the globe in-demand opportunities and pathways to get your foot in the door. However, with immigration levels highly competitive, you need the right strategy. In this article, we uncover the highest chances for skilled worker visas and jobs offering relocation packages in 2024. Keep reading to learn how to snag one of these coveted spots and fulfill your dream of Kiwi living before it’s too late.

Job Opportunities Offering Visa Sponsorship

One of the best ways to secure New Zealand residency is by obtaining a job offer with visa sponsorship. This removes barriers like funds proof and visa processing time. Let’s take a look at the top in-demand occupations with the highest chances of sponsorship:

Healthcare Jobs

New Zealand is experiencing critical shortages in the healthcare industry. Jobs like registered nurses, doctors, dentists, and other medical roles are consistently featured on their Immediate Skill Shortage List.

On job search platform Seek, I found over 50 open nursing positions across the country with relocation support. For example, Calvary Healthcare in Tasmania is hiring registered nurses with sponsorship included. The roles pay an average starting salary of NZD$80,000.

Dentistry is another golden opportunity. Multiple dental clinics in Wellington are seeking dentists, offering salaries up to NZD$200,000 along with full visa processing.

For those with backgrounds in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, or other allied health roles, you’ll find many community health organizations actively recruiting international candidates. Rest homes and aged care facilities also feature careers like caregivers.

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Top tip: enhance your application by obtaining additional healthcare certifications recognized in New Zealand.

Hospitality & Tourism

As an island nation dependent on visitors, New Zealand has a booming hospitality sector desperately in need of skilled service staff. Roles like chefs, cooks, hotel managers, and more are routinely sponsored.

On Seek, I spotted multiple chef jobs across the country paying up to NZD$330 hourly with sponsorship and relocation packages. High-end hotels and restaurants in tourism hotspots like Queenstown and Rotorua regularly advertise these coveted positions.

Cafes, bars, and other food service outlets also feature sponsored roles for candidates with the right qualifications. One listing was for a cafe chef in Auckland offering salary plus perks.

For those interested in tourism, roles in adventure activities and attractions are worth investigating. Employers sponsor candidates to work as guides, instructors, and managers.

Consider gaining internationally recognized certification in hospitality or tourism to strengthen applications. Connect with industry recruiters on LinkedIn as well.

Trades & Construction

New Zealand has embarked on a major infrastructure building phase to accommodate population growth. This creates endless in-demand jobs in trades and construction professions.

Electrical, plumbing, ventilation, and other technical installation roles are featured across job boards. One listing I found was seeking HVAC technicians in Auckland with relocation support.

Construction companies of all sizes are hiring project managers, site supervisors, carpenters, and related skilled tradespeople. Experience in commercial builds and high-rise projects is especially appealing in urban centers.

Mechanics and auto technicians are also recruited from overseas. Garages and dealerships offer sponsorship for candidates willing to relocate anywhere nationwide.

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Get accredited apprenticeship, qualification or trade certification to enhance your applications in these male-dominated and physically demanding industries. Connecting with recruiters helps too.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

New Zealand devotes considerable resources to research and innovation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Careers in these fields offer immigration pathways.

Research organizations, universities and private tech companies sponsor candidates for roles like scientists, researchers, software developers, data analysts and more. Salaries often start at NZD$80,000 and go much higher with experience.

The government actively recruits STEM professionals through the Skilled Migrant Category. Qualifications Assessment reports help demonstrate eligibility.

Engineering consultancies and construction technology firms hire foreign candidates as civil, structural or electrical engineers especially. Get experience on notable projects to impress.

Obtain relevant postgraduate STEM qualifications from reputable institutions to access these opportunities. Build an international professional network too for referrals.


New Zealand prioritizes boosting the skills and diversity of its future-oriented education system. This creates sponsored jobs for overseas teachers, lecturers and related professionals.

The country faces shortages of early childhood, primary and secondary school educators especially in rural regions. Seek shows open roles like early learning teachers offering relocation support.

Universities sponsor lecturers, professors and researchers across all disciplines. Connect with recruitment agents to learn about available positions requiring your specialized expertise.

Language schools and private colleges actively recruit qualified English as a second language and other language teachers from abroad too.

Enhance applications with teaching credentials, additional qualifications and experience working in international schools. Connecting with recruitment agents helps access hidden opportunities.

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New Zealand provides global migrants access to an outstanding quality of life through its diverse range of immigration pathways. By targeting in-demand careers with the highest sponsorship rates, your chances of securing resident status before 2024 ends are greatly enhanced.

For those interested, get started on your New Zealand migration journey right away. Research job opportunities, update your credentials if needed, build professional networks, and keep an eye on recruitment portals. With the right strategy and persistence, your Kiwi dreams could become a reality sooner than you think.


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