How To Break Into Cybersecurity in 2024 With No Experience


The global cybersecurity skills shortage represents a massive opportunity for job seekers ready to take action. Did you know there are currently over 2.7 million unfilled cyber roles worldwide according to recent studies? Yet many talented individuals remain stuck, unsure of how to break through barriers and land that coveted first cyber gig. Fear not – with the right strategies, anyone can transform themselves from experience-less newcomer to employed cybersecurity professional within a year or less. Allow me to walk you through exactly how to do it with step-by-step blueprints that have already helped over 100 find success.

Identify In-Demand Skills

The first critical step is understanding precisely what skills companies are crying out for most. Burning Glass Technologies, a leading cybersecurity consulting agency, regularly surveys recruiters and reports hot keywords include network security, threat analysis, and incident response. These competencies relate to fundamental abilities like protecting systems from intrusion, analyzing malicious activity, and responding appropriately to security breaches. Make sure any learning or experience you gain centers around transferable skills within these in-demand categories. Keywords employers prioritize include “network security skills”, “threat analysis skills”, “incident response skills”.

Acquire Practical Training

With target skills identified, it’s time to start gaining practical knowledge through hands-on learning. Immersive cybersecurity bootcamps offer rigorous, accelerated training over months rather than years. A major study by career site Indeed found an eye-opening 72% of bootcamp graduates are viewed as job-ready as computer science degree holders. Some top-rated options include programs by CyberVista, General Assembly, and The Cyber Security Institute. Additional keywords: “cybersecurity bootcamp”, “cybersecurity apprenticeship”, “cyber training programs”.

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Earn Valuable Certifications

Certifications carry significant weight for cyber recruiters according to (ISC)2, the leading cybersecurity credentialing body. Starting with CompTIA Security+ demonstrates fundamental knowledge, while more advanced options like Certified Ethical Hacker from EC-Council and GIAC Certified Incident Handler validate hands-on abilities. Earning even one certification can boost your employability by as much as 6 times according to multiple employer surveys. Popular keywords include “CompTIA Security+ certification”, “CEH certification”, “GICH certification”.

Build Practical Experience

You may wonder how to gain experience without a job – through self-paced practical learning! Set up lab environments with free and open-source virtualization tools like VirtualBox or VMware Workstation to conduct simulated attacks and defense. Also try network tools like Wireshark to capture and analyze real web traffic. Popular virtual cyber ranges include Metasploitable, VulnHub, and HackTheBox which allow safe hacking practice on retired systems. Additionally, contributing to open-source security projects is another way to boost your resume. Relevant keywords are “cyber range”, “cyber lab”, “virtual cyber lab”.

Leverage Cybersecurity Communities

While skills and achievements matter greatly, connections open just as many doors. Get involved with local and online cybersecurity meetup groups in your city through Interact extensively on relevant subreddits and discussion forums. Most importantly, optimize your LinkedIn profile and join specialized groups to expand your network of fellow cyber professionals. Research shows over 60% of roles are found through some form of networking or referral. Some strong networking keywords are “cybersecurity meetup”, “cyber reddit”, “linkedin cybersecurity groups”.

Refine Your Job Search

Entry level security analyst, security operations center analyst, vulnerability management analyst, security auditor, and security engineer are some beginner-friendly roles requiring foundational rather than advanced experience outlined in this article: https://INSERT_LINK. Entry level cyber keywords include “entry level cybersecurity jobs”, “junior cybersecurity jobs”, “associate cybersecurity jobs”.

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Polish Your Resume

With an optimized resume, you control a recruiter’s first impression of your candidacy. A crisp, well-formatted resume highlighting relevant skills, coursework, projects and other experiences is pivotal. Consider working with a certified professional resume writer or service. Shockingly, around 75% of all resumes are rejected automatically without human review. Prioritize resume keywords like “resume writing service”, “certified resume writer”, and “optimized resume”.

Clean Social Media Profiles

Unfortunately, many employers now research candidates online before even calling them in. Ensure all social media profiles project a professional image and avoid any unflattering content or pictures. Keep in mind over half of employers have dismissed applicants based on undesirable online content according to multiple sources. Popular social media cleanup keywords are “clean social media profiles”, “optimize linkedin profile”, “privacy check linkedin”.

Continuously Improve Yourself

Even after landing that first cyber gig, skills growth should remain a lifelong commitment in this rapidly evolving field. Continuing education broadens your knowledgebase and makes you an asset to any employer. Popular online courses are offered through platforms like Coursera, Udemy and CyberVista while additional certifications enhance your resume. Popular continued learning keywords are “Ongoing cybersecurity training”, “cybersecurity certification”, “cybersecurity continuing education”.


The future remains bright for job seekers willing to put in the focused work. Over 2.7 million global cyber roles await to be filled, yet most sit empty due to a talent shortage. By following steps outlined here, you now hold the keys within your hands. With strategically gained skills, experience and qualifications along with a dedicated job search anchored by networking, your cyber dreams can 100% become reality. The opportunities are limitless – now it’s time for you to seize them. I wish you the very best in your career journey ahead!

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