An Opportunity to Fund Your Dreams: The Prestigious Padua International Excellence Scholarship for Masters and Bachelors in Italy

A fully-funded scholarship program to study for an internationally-recognized degree in Italy may seem too good to be true. However, for highly talented international students, the Padua International Excellence Scholarship is a real opportunity to turn your dreams of an affordable overseas education into a reality. Offering full tuition fee waivers and a generous living stipend of €8,000 per academic year, this prestigious scholarship minimizes the financial barriers that often prevent aspiration from becoming achievement.

In this in-depth guide, we will explore all the key details you need to know to maximize your chances of securing this life-changing award. From eligibility criteria and language requirements to the simple application process and list of eligible degree programs, we aim to equip you with everything required to embark on the journey of a lifetime through higher education in one of Europe’s most historic university cities. Whether your goal is a bachelor’s or master’s qualification from a top-50 Italian institution, this scholarship could be your gateway.

Eligibility Criteria for the Padua International Excellence Scholarship

To be considered for the Padua Excellence Scholarship, applicants must meet the basic eligibility criteria:

– Hold non-Italian citizenship – applicants must not possess Italian citizenship in order to qualify. Dual citizens are still eligible if one citizenship is non-Italian.

– Hold a non-Italian secondary/high school diploma – For bachelor’s applicants, a non-Italian high school leaving certificate is required. For master’s applicants, a non-Italian bachelor’s degree is necessary.

– Not currently reside in Italy – Applicants must not be living in Italy at the time of application in order to demonstrate their international student status.

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– Apply to an eligible degree program taught fully in English – Candidates must select from the scholarship’s list of qualifying bachelor’s or master’s programs instructed 100% in English.

– Apply to a maximum of three degree programs – Applicants can choose up to three eligible programs ranked by order of preference.

Language Requirements and Exemptions

For English-taught degrees at the University of Padua, standardised English language test results will generally be required as proof of proficiency. However, there are some notable exemptions:

– Prior qualification from an English-medium institution – If your previous bachelor’s/master’s was instructed fully in English, no English test is necessary.

– Citizenship of select English-speaking countries – Applicants holding citizenship of the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand are automatically exempt from English requirements due to mother tongue proficiency.

This ensures that international students from a variety of linguistic backgrounds can apply competitively for the scholarship and admission to Padua’s degrees conducted in English.

Eligible Degree Programs at the University of Padua

The Excellence Scholarship supports study at either the bachelor’s or master’s level across a wide spectrum of subject areas taught entirely in English. Some of the most popular programs eligible include:

– Engineering (Aerospace, Chemical, Computing, Electrical, Mechanical etc.)

– Agriculture and Food Science

– Business and Economics

– Natural and Life Sciences

– Medical and Health Sciences

– Psychology and Social Sciences

– Humanities and Languages

By browsing Padua’s extensive list ofOptions, applicants can select programs that align directly with their interests and future career ambitions. Detailed course information, intakes, and application deadlines are provided on individual program pages.

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How to Apply for the Padua International Excellence Scholarship

The application process for the scholarship is streamlined and integrated with the university admission procedures:

1. Choose eligible degree program(s)

2. Apply for admission online by the program deadline (May 2nd recommended)

3. Upload required documents (transcripts, certificates, CV, statement of purpose)

4. Confirm you meet basic eligibility when prompted

5. No separate scholarship application – automatically considered

6. Notification of scholarship award alongside admission decision

All successful applicants will gain a full tuition waiver plus the generous €8,000 living stipend for each year/part year of their degree without additional paperwork or effort.

Stand Out From the Competition

With highly competitive selection, it is wise to surpass the minimum criteria. Craft a compelling personal statement expressing your motivation, potential impact, and fit for the program/university. Emphasize relevant experiences, skills, and future career goals through extracurricular activities, work experience, recommendation letters and academic merit like GPA, awards or research experience. Submitting early and following up are also advisable strategies to boost chances of success. For non-native English speakers, exceeding the language standard where possible signals confidence in communicating effectively at an international institution of higher learning.

Investing in Your Future

The Padua International Excellence Scholarship presents an unparalleled full-funding opportunity for talented students worldwide to attain prestigious degrees from a top European university at zero tuition cost. With fees, living expenses and the hassle of separate scholarship applications covered, accepted candidates can instead dedicate their energy fully towards academic success, gaining global experience and fast-tracking their career development. For those with the dedication and qualifications to match this prestigious program, pursuing this scholarship could be a life-changing investment with returns rippling far into your future.

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