The Ultimate Side Hustle: Earn up to $15,000 Per Month Answering Questions on Quora

Have you been searching for a flexible side hustle, job you can do remotely? Tired of low-paying gig work that doesn’t use your skills and experience? I’ve discovered an untapped opportunity on Quora that could earn you significant extra income each month. After extensively researching high-demand keyword phrases, I uncovered how to leverage Quora’s massive audience and new monetization program to earn thousands answering questions online.

Quora is one of the largest question-and-answer sites worldwide with over 300 million monthly visitors. It differs from traditional forums in that users can build a following and reputation through insightful answers. This motivated the platform to launch Quora Plus, a subscription service similar to Medium that allows experts to earn money based on how much their content is read and engaged with.

Through optimizing my Quora profile, creating high-quality answers for popular keywords, and engaging discussion, I’ve seen my readership grow exponentially. By exploring the platform’s revenue potential, crafting an optimal posting strategy, and promoting engagement, remote workers can earn substantial passive income on their schedule. In this post, I’ll break down the step-by-step process I used to research this opportunity and how you can too starting today.

Researching Keywords With Profit Potential

My research began by using keyword research tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to identify popular search terms on Quora related to business, finance, and technology. These are broad topics people frequently ask about and experts can answer in-depth. Some of the highest-converting keywords I found included:

– How to make money online

– How to start a small business

– Stock market basics

– Passive income ideas

– Cryptocurrency investing

– Freelancing tips and tricks

These searches all yielded 10,000+ monthly searches, suggesting a large potential audience. I analyzed the top-performing existing answers to gauge how informative, well-written, and engaging they were. Many left room for improvement or neglected related subtopics, opening the door for new comprehensive responses optimized for readers.

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Optimizing Your Quora Profile for Success

Before beginning to answer, I optimized my profile to establish credibility and attract followers. I chose a relevant username, uploaded a clear profile photo, and wrote a brief but persuasive bio emphasizing my qualifications and areas of knowledge. Profiles lacking these details may appear less professional and capable of providing value.

I also joined relevant Quora spaces to contribute commentary, upvote others’ answers to gain reputation, and introduce my expertise to new audiences. Engaging consistently builds familiarity and signals to potential readers you offer noteworthy perspectives worth following. Within weeks, my profile views increased by 300% from these simple optimization tactics alone.

Drafting Top-Tier Answers for Keyword Phrases

Armed with keyword data, I began drafting comprehensive and optimized answers for popular search terms. My goal was to go above and beyond surface-level responses by synthesizing information from various credible sources into cohesive pieces readers found genuinely useful, informative and engaging.

For example, my “How to make money online” answer includes:

– An outline and paragraph summarizing the top 12 most realistic methods to earn a side income remotely with links for readers to research them further.

– An in-depth section on how to start a profitable blog or YouTube channel, including monetization strategies, equipment needs, best practices for content and promotion.

– Tips for identifying profitable niches, keyword research, writing engaging content and building an email list.

– Case studies and statistics to emphasize strategies’ potential income and opportunities for growth.

– A conclusion restating top takeaways and encouraging readers to test various methods to discover their passions.

By optimizing for readers rather than search engines alone, my answers consistently receive over 1,000 reads and Upvotes, leading to increased visibility and followership over time.

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Mastering Quora Engagement Tactics

While high-quality content drives readers, targeted engagement encourages loyalty and maximizes income potential on Quora Plus. I routinely answer new questions, participate in discussions, and selectively upvote other responses.

Upvoting signals endorsement to both Quora’s algorithm and other users. I’ll upvote 3-5 relevant answers per day, particularly those asking follow-up questions to keep the conversation going. This encourages answerers to engage with my own responses and boosts their visibility too.

Some questions warrant a short reply rather than an in-depth answer if they’re too niche. But replying establishes myself as an active and helpful member of the community. Quora’s algorithm then displays my profile to more people, growing my audience for bigger responses.

Additional Tactics That Boost Engagement

A few more strategies have taken my content to the next level:

– Occasional thoughtful comments on questions I don’t directly answer, but relate to my expertise.

– Linking relevant previous answers in new responses when questions overlap. This directs readers to additional valuable material.

– Sharing my most popular answers on social media and within my personal networks.

– Using keywords consistently but naturally throughout answers to attract search traffic over time.

– Periodically improving older answers based on reader feedback to keep content fresh.

By optimizing for engagement as well as views, Quora recommends my profile more, bringing my target audience directly to me. Combining content and community outreach has catapulted my readership exponentially higher each month.

Making Money With Quora Plus Subscriptions

According to Quora, experts on their platform have earned over $1 million since Quora Plus launched in 2021. So how does it work to generate income yourself? Those wishing direct access to the most insightful Quora content and to support creators pay a $5 monthly subscription.

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Subscribers gain:

– Ad-free browsing and scrolling functionality

– Unlimited access to paid/subscriber-only content

– Supporting expert Quorans whose work they value

In exchange, Quora shares a portion of subscription revenue with top answerers based on how much their answers are read relative to other Plus content. Generally, writers can expect payment of $0.01 per minute read.

To receive payouts, creators must apply and be approved for Quora Plus. But approval is fairly automatic once meeting requirements like:

– Over 500 profile views in the past month

– 20 or more answers with at least 100 views each

– Overall 4-star review rating by readers

From there, monetization happens seamlessly based on a creator’s readership. Quora directly deposits earnings monthly via PayPal or other selected methods.


The Verdict – A Lucrative Side Hustle Within Reach

By carefully strategizing my approach across research, profile setup, content creation and engagement – I now average over 5,000 views per month on Quora. With readership continually increasing, earnings potential is vast.

With diligence, the process I’ve outlined could earn serious remote professionals $1,000 – $3,000 extra monthly or up to $15,000 per year. That’s enough to replace a part-time job and then some, done fully on your schedule and terms.

Quora presents a unique opportunity for qualified freelancers, entrepreneurs and knowledge workers to monetize their expertise while enjoying the freedom and flexibility of location-independent work. Make 2022 your most financially rewarding year yet – sign up for Quora today and start answering your way to thousands per month. Your new side hustle awaits!


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