University of Alberta Scholarships 2024

Your complete guide to a fully-funded international education


University education opens many doors to success. However, the costs can seem insurmountable for international students from less affluent backgrounds. What if I tell you there is a way to fund your entire degree at one of Canada’s top universities? The University of Alberta in Edmonton offers a comprehensive scholarship program that could fully cover your tuition, living expenses and even travel – all you need to do is apply.

In this complete guide, I will cover all the key details you need to successfully apply for University of Alberta scholarships for 2024. From eligibility criteria to required documents and how to submit your application, you will learn the entire process. I have also included application deadlines and tips to improve your chances of being selected. By the end, you will be fully equipped to win the funding needed to unlock your dream of studying at a world-class institution.

So whether you are a star student seeking to further your studies or someone who needs financial assistance to access higher education, this guide is for you. Read on to discover how University of Alberta scholarships could be your ticket to an internationally-recognized degree fully paid. With the right preparation and application, your future is within reach. Let’s get started!

Overview of University of Alberta Scholarships

The University of Alberta offers a comprehensive scholarship program through its International Student Awards Office. Some key facts about the program:

– Funding levels range from C$5,000 to full tuition and living costs per year

– Eligible levels of study include undergraduate, master’s and PhD programs

– Over 39,000 international and domestic students received funding in the last academic year

– Scholarships are open to students of any nationality studying in Canada on a student visa

– The university has a ranking of #5 in Canada and #119 globally according to world rankings

Within this wide-ranging program, some major scholarship opportunities include:

– International Student Scholarships: Up to C$10,000 per year for top international applicants.

– Gold Standard Scholarships: Around C$6,000 for top 5 academics entering undergraduate programs.

– Doctoral Recruitment Scholarships: C$5,000 per year for excellent PhD candidates.

– Master’s Degree Entrance Scholarships: A guaranteed C$7,500 for good master’s applicants.

The best scholarships are merit-based and consider factors like your academic achievements, references, statement of intent and experience. Some may have additional eligibility criteria so be sure to check requirements. Funding is also available for a variety of fields from sciences to humanities.

 Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for University of Alberta scholarships, the basic requirements are:

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– Admission to an eligible degree program (undergraduate, master’s or PhD)

– Citizenship – scholarships are open to all nationalities

– English language ability – minimum IELTS/TOEFL scores or completed studies in English

– Good academic standing in previous studies with minimum grades as criteria may vary

Additional criteria may apply depending on the specific scholarship, but the above are the core necessities. Some scholarships also require you to apply before certain deadlines. Be sure to check all criteria on the university’s International Awards page.

For master’s or PhD scholarships, you will need:

– A completed bachelor’s degree for master’s programs

– A completed master’s degree for PhD applicants

– Relevant academic and professional experience for research-based awards

While some scholarships may have citizenship or program restrictions, most are open to international students at any level of study if eligible academic standards are met. Make sure you understand both general and specific criteria before spending time on an application.

Required Application Materials

To successfully apply for University of Alberta scholarships, be prepared to submit the following key documents:

– Online application form submission

– Copies of all academic transcripts and certificates in PDF

– Detailed curriculum vitae/resume highlighting academic achievements

– Two reference letters from professors or employers on official letterhead as PDFs

– Statement of intent or research proposal as relevant to level of study and award (1-2 pages)

Additionally, you may need:

– Evidence of English language proficiency such as IELTS/TOEFL results

– Writing sample for grad awards

– Passport copies or birth certificate for verification of details

– Portfolio of work for certain creative fields

It is important that all documents are in PDF format with each file clearly labeled with your name. Transcripts and certificates should be official or notarized copies. References must come from individuals able to comment on your qualifications rather than relatives. Take time to prepare high quality application files.

Leave ample time before the deadline for requests, translations if needed, or obtaining official documents. Poor quality submissions significantly hurt your chances of being selected for funding.

Online Application Process

Ready to start your application? Here are the steps to submitting through the University of Alberta online portal:

1. Create an account on the International Awards Office website

2. Select the award(s) you want to apply for based on program and timeline

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3. Enter your academic and personal details on the online form

4. Upload all supporting documents as separate PDF files

5. Complete any required or optional additional questions

6. Submit reference requests via the portal for electronic references

7. Verify all information and click final submit before the deadline

8. Check your account for application status updates after the decision cycle

Some key tips for the process:

– Have document files prepared in advance to a high standard

– Proofread all entered text for errors before submitting

– Request references well in advance of deadlines to avoid delays

– Confirm timely submission through completion confirmation email

– Sign up for notifications and check portal for next steps

Following these steps carefully will see your application is complete and on time. A strong submission significantly increases your likelihood of receiving an award opportunity.

 Application Deadlines

Review all deadlines and plan your application schedule accordingly:

– January-February 2023: Deadline for 2023-24 consideration

– September 2023 admission cycle also has early deadlines

– November 1st, 2024: Final deadline for all 2024 admission awards

While general scholarship selection occurs throughout the year depending on the program, aiming to meet early deadlines is recommended. Submitting after these preliminary dates usually restricts your eligibility.

Exact award-specific deadlines are published on the International Awards website calendar. Be sure to confirm dates for any scholarships of particular interest. Do not wait until the last minute in case of unexpected delays with documents. Meet early cutoff dates if possible to widen your options.

With advanced planning, you can submit a well-prepared and timely application that represents you in your strongest possible light. Careful attention to deadlines is an important part of optimizing your chances of securing funding for your education.

 Improving Your Chances of Selection

While academic merit is the primary criterion, there are additional factors you can emphasize to make your application stand out:

– Have your references specifically address why you should be chosen in their letters of recommendation. Positive comments on your abilities, character and future potential carry weight.

– Highlight any research experience, leadership roles, extracurriculars, international experiences or community service that show your drive and talents beyond academics alone.

– Use your statement of intent to clearly convey your aspirations for the program and future career path as well as why the university is an ideal fit.

– Consider applying for more than one scholarship to increase odds through more opportunities for selection. You may be considered for alternative options too.

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– Check for any required residency criteria that scholarships have to attract certain groups, like a Canadian province for domestic applicants. Connect how you fit these if relevant.

– Ask your recommenders or an advisor to proofread your application package for errors or areas needing clarity before submission. Extra eyes help.

With some thoughtful preparation emphasizing your strengths beyond marks, you can differentiate yourself positively from other candidates competing for awards. Taking advantage of all available options maximizes your funding chances.

Section 7: After Submitting Your Application

After completing your application through the online portal, what happens next? Here is an overview of typical processing timelines:

– You will receive a confirmation email once submitted and your account status updates

– First selection rounds usually occur within 2-3 months of application deadlines

– Notification of results goes out to all applicants via the awards office portal

– Award recipients must then accept or decline their funding offers

– Appeals can be submitted if relevant and will be assessed on case merit

– Waitlisted applicants are usually notified if additional spots become available

– Documents and further details are shared with those receiving awards

Be sure to check your account frequently for status updates. If successful, act promptly to accept funding as per instructions. Read all correspondence carefully to understand subsequent steps.

For those not selected, do not be disheartened. Consider applying again the next year with improvements based on experience gained. In some cases, being waitlisted can still result in funding later on. Thank any recommenders and move forward. The journey continues!

Conclusion: Your Future Starts Here

I hope this comprehensive guide has equipped you fully to take advantage of University of Alberta’s opportunities. By understanding the eligibility requirements, preparing high standard application materials and meeting all deadlines, you have optimized your potential for funding success. Whether seeking to upgrade qualifications or simply needing assistance accessing higher education, these scholarships could make your international dreams a reality fully paid.

Remember – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by applying. With the right preparation highlighted here, your academics, experiences and future aspirations just may resonate positively with selectors. Whether this year or in the future, I wish you the very best in pursuing your education and realizing your full abilities. Your future starts here – go win it!


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