Get Paid To Move To Austria – Amazing Opportunities You Don’t Want To Miss

Are you dreaming of moving abroad but worried about finances? Good news – there are actual opportunities for you to get paid to relocate to Austria! Austria is a beautiful country located in Central Europe known for its landscapes and cultural heritage. In this blog post, I will share two specific programs that can help fund your move to Austria with a monthly salary and housing benefits.

These opportunities are ideal for students and recent graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. I’ve done thorough research on eligibility requirements and the application process to break it down step-by-step. My goal is to provide all the actionable details you need to maximize your chances of acceptance.

Let’s get started with the first program.

Scientific Internships at Easter Austria

One of the most attractive programs is the scientific intern position offered through Easter Austria (Easter is short for Electron Synchrotron Research Facility Austria). This program is open to non-EU students year-round in the following fields:

– Natural Sciences

– Computer Science

– Mathematics

– Engineering

– Technology

Some key benefits include:

– No application or processing fees at any stage

– Employment contract and monthly salary of around €2,000

– Accommodation assistance, travel allowances and other bonuses

– Open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students

The application process is straightforward with the following steps:

1. Browse research groups on the Easter Austria website and identify one you’d like to join. Their contact details will be listed.

2. Compose a professional email to the group leader introducing yourself and your background, motivation and possible start dates.

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3. Attach your up-to-date CV in PDF format highlighting relevant education, experience and skills.

4. If accepted for an interview, the group leader will coordinate next steps like a video call or in-person visit.

5. Successful candidates will receive a contract outlining the internship terms and benefits package.

It’s really that simple. The Easter Austria website has a detailed internship section where you can learn more about each research area and directly apply. I strongly recommend exploring it today.

Vienna Biocenter Summer School

The second excellent opportunity is the Vienna Biocenter Summer School, a 3-month research program for life science undergraduates and Master’s students held in the vibrant city of Vienna, Austria.

Some key aspects include:

– No tuition fees or living expenses – housing, meals, travel etc are covered

– Hands-on laboratory research experience alongside top European institutions

– Starts in late June and ends in late August each year

– Monthly stipend of €1,400 provided upon completion

– Medical insurance and unlimited public transport included

Eligibility extends to those who have completed at least two years of university study in a relevant field. The application process also takes place entirely online:

1. Visit the summer school website and select “How to Apply”

2. Review criteria and upload your CV, transcripts and statement of purpose

3. Applications are accepted between December 1st – deadline TBA each year

4. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews in late February/March

5. Accepted students receive admission letters by mid-April

This prestigious program allows global students to spend their summer gaining high-level research experience in the biomedical sciences. It’s a wonderful way to boost your resume while earning money in a beautiful European city.

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Staying Organized With Clear Next Steps

By now, you should have a solid overview of these two unique paid internship opportunities to move to Austria. Both are completely funded and offer extensive benefits. Here are some clear next steps I recommend:

– Mark your calendar for December 1st to apply to the Vienna summer school

– Sign up for Easter Austria newsletter to be notified of internship openings

– Review requirements and start preparing application materials in advance

– Reach out via email with any specific questions about eligibility or the process

– Set reminders to follow up proactively if you don’t hear back right away

– Consider practice interviews to feel confident if selected for an in-person conversation

– Share this resource with fellow students also interested in international experiences

Keen preparation and persistence are key to standing out in a competitive pool of applicants. Let me know if you have any other questions! I’m hopeful one of these amazing programs can help launch your international career journey. Austria is beautiful country that will provide unforgettable learning experiences.


In summary, this blog post detailed two fully-funded programs that offer the unique opportunity to get paid to move to and live in Austria for a fixed period of time. The scientific internship through Easter Austria is open year-round, while the Vienna Biocenter Summer School accepts applications each December. Both provide monthly stipends, housing support, insurance and other benefits.

For students in STEM fields looking for hands-on research experience and a chance to experience European living, these programs are an incredible option to seriously consider. I provided all the important details on eligibility, requirements and application steps to empower you to gain an authentic global experience. Austria is waiting – don’t miss out on funding your future abroad. Get started on your application materials today.

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I hope you found this resource helpful as you plan your next steps. Wishing you the very best in pursuing these amazing opportunities. The future is wide open when you have the courage to embrace new adventures abroad.

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