The Fully-Funded Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Master’s Scholarship 2024


Studying for a master’s degree is an investment in your future career and personal growth. However, the costs associated with graduate studies—including tuition fees, living expenses, books, and other supplies—can seem overwhelming.

What if there was a scholarship that covered all of your educational and living expenses? The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship provides just such an opportunity for citizens of Commonwealth countries to earn a fully-funded master’s degree at a university abroad.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore all aspects of this prestigious scholarship program. We’ll look at the benefits it provides, eligibility requirements, participating countries and universities, application process, and tips for successful candidates. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of how the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship can unlock your potential through international graduate studies.

Benefits of the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship

As a fully-funded scholarship, the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship removes significant financial barriers that often prevent students from pursuing international master’s degrees. Here are some of the key benefits it provides:

– Tuition fees – The scholarship covers all tuition and academic fees charged by the host university for the full duration of your master’s program (usually 2 years).

– Living allowance – You’ll receive a monthly stipend to cover your basic living expenses like housing, food, transportation, and books while studying abroad.

– Travel costs – Both an economy class air ticket to the host country and a return ticket upon completion of your studies are included.

– Settling in allowance – A one-time payment is provided to assist with initial settling in costs when you first arrive in the host country.

– Research support grant – Depending on your program of study, you may qualify for an additional grant to support master’s research activities like field work or purchasing lab equipment/supplies.

– Access to a global network – As a QE scholar, you’ll join an international alumni community of more than 30,000 academics and professionals around the world.

By easing financial pressures, this scholarship lets you fully immerse yourself in your academic pursuits and cultural experiences abroad without worries about costs holding you back. It’s truly a life-changing opportunity.

Eligibility and Participating Countries

To be eligible for the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship, you must meet the following basic criteria:

– Citizenship: You must be a citizen or national of a Commonwealth country. This includes over 50 nations that were formerly part of the British Empire.

– Education level: You should have already completed an undergraduate degree (usually at a 2:1 level or above) before the start of your master’s program.

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– Destination country: While you can apply from any Commonwealth country, you cannot study in your home country with this scholarship. You must pursue your master’s at an accredited university in another Commonwealth nation.

Some top participating countries and territories that host Queen Elizabeth scholars each year include:

– Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, India, Kenya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom

Within these diverse locations, there are over 140 partner universities spread across 32 countries/regions that offer eligible master’s programs under this scholarship scheme. We’ll explore the application process and program selection in more depth later.

Application Process Overview

The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship Program has two main application rounds each year, with submission deadlines usually falling in late May and late October.

Here are the basic steps to apply:

1. Review the list of participating host countries and universities on the official website. Select a program/destination that interests you.

2. Research entry requirements and available master’s degrees/specializations at your chosen university. Make sure you meet all academic prerequisites.

3. Complete the QE online application form, uploading your CV, transcripts, statement of purpose, and recommendation letters.

4. Also apply separately for admission directly to your selected master’s program through the university portal before the program deadline.

5. Wait to hear back – most scholarships are awarded 5-6 months after the deadline. Successful candidates receive full funding if accepted to their program.

6. If awarded, prepare any required documentation for your student visa to the host country.

7. Relocate abroad and begin your internationally-funded graduate studies!

In the following sections, we’ll take a closer look at navigating the program and university listings, crafting a strong application, and tips to maximizing your chances of success.

Program Selection: Finding the Right Fit

Browsing through over 140 eligible master’s degrees across 32 different countries may feel overwhelming at first. To successfully complete your Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship application, choosing the right host university and program is key.

Here are some best practices for program selection:

– Narrow it down to 3-5 top destination countries you’d enjoy living/studying in based on your interests, career goals, language skills.

– Review eligible universities within each selected country on the QE website. Carefully check entry requirements and program details.

– Explore university websites directly to further research available specializations within broader subject areas like business, engineering, health sciences, etc.

– Consider practical factors like cost of living, climate, visa requirements, post-study job prospects in selecting programs and locations.

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– Prioritize programs related to your undergraduate major/experience for a smoother transition into graduate-level coursework.

– Reach out to the listed program contacts on the QE site with any prerequisite or application questions specific to departments.

With thorough research on eligible programs, you can target the right university fit in your application for the best chance of admission and funding approval.

Crafting a Competitive Application

On average, only around 15% of Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship applicants are ultimately awarded funding each year. With such high competition, it’s critical your application materials stand out from the pool. Here are some tips:

Statement of Purpose

– Clearly articulate your academic/career goals and how the specific master’s program will help achieve them.

– Highlight any related work, research, or volunteer experience demonstrating your fit and passion.

– Emphasize what makes you a strong cultural ambassador for your home country through your background and skills.


– Optimize the formatting and highlight your strongest qualifications/achievements at the top.

– Quantify experiences with concrete metrics like projects led, papers published, clients served where possible.


– Ask recommenders who know you well both academically and professionally to speak to your abilities.

– Provide them with background info on the scholarship and your interests/goals to help their letters.

Proofread Thoroughly

– Have several other people review your documents for errors, clarity, and formatting compliance.

– Leave time to make revisions before the deadline to ensure your very best application.

Following these application tips paired with your outstanding academics can give you the competitive edge needed for QE scholarship selection and success.

Additional Options After Application

Preparing only one “dream program” application is not your only option with the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship. Here are a few others:

– “Safety Schools”: Have 1-2 additional program choices in mind at Good universities that may be slightly less competitive to apply to as backups.

– Express Interest: Contact departments directly through listed program coordinators to express your strong candidacy for the opportunities available to them.

– Apply for Internal Awards: Many countries/universities offer additional internal funding streams you can tap into if not awarded a QE scholarship. Be sure to research all potential finance options.

– Reapply Next Year: If your top choice program rejects you, apply again with an improved application the following round highlighting any new experiences.

– Consider Bridging Loans: Some home country universities provide short-term loans if accepted to pay living costs until receiving scholarship funding installments kick in.

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Knowing all available routes can give you backup plans to still pursue your international graduate education dreams, whether through this award or other means of support.

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholars: Meet Success Stories

For over 50 years, the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship has enabled thousands of individuals to further their education at top institutions worldwide. Here are a few highlights of past recipients and what this opportunity has meant for them:

“Studying in Canada expanded my worldview while gaining invaluable technical skills applied every day in my engineering career. The QE Scholarship opened life-changing doors abroad I never could have accessed otherwise.” – Emmanuel, Nigeria

” winning this award to research biodiversity conservation in Malaysia was a dream come true. I’ve found collaborative partners and a passion for protecting ecosystems that will shape my future conservation efforts in India.” – Maya, India

“Relocating to the UK from Bangladesh to complete my master of laws was a challenge but so rewarding both personally and professionally. The QE Scholarship empowered me with a global network and credentials that serve me well today as a leading human rights lawyer.” – Samin, Bangladesh

These stories hold many universal themes. International exposure growing independence through self-funded study, career advancement, and forming global connections are just some ways this award transforms lives. By applying yourself, you too could become part of this distinguished alumni community.

Wrapping Up

The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship is truly one of the most prestigious opportunities available for citizens of Commonwealth countries to advance their educational qualifications through fully-sponsored graduate studies abroad.

From the extensive benefits and eligibility guidelines to navigating the application process, program selection, and drawing on success stories – we’ve covered all aspects to help ambitious individuals maximize their chances of securing this highly competitive award.

Your potential is only limited by your willingness to envision new possibilities beyond borders. With diligent preparation and compelling application materials highlighting your ability to succeed and represent your country on a global stage, you too could join the ranks of scholars who have benefited from this program.

Start researching options and planning today to position yourself to apply for the next Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship round opening this October. An internationally-funded master’s degree through this esteemed award could be your launch pad to an exceptional career and life experiences worldwide.

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